Our raw materials

Excellent quality management begins with the selection of suitable raw material suppliers. First, we check whether a supplier is capable of delivering high-quality raw materials.

Selection of raw material

Our raw materials are always accompanied by a certificate of analysis confirming compliance with legal regulations. After receiving the goods, the plant-based raw materials are checked with regard to their identity and quality. The substances are primarily tested for chemical, physical and microbiological contaminants and evaluated according to strict specifications.

The stringent QA system enables us to uniquely identify and trace the raw materials at any time. The raw materials wait for processing under secure storage conditions and are stored for only a short period of time.

Our raw materials

Raw material Security

We search for high-quality plant-based raw materials worldwide for our customers, and we consider various aspects in terms of suitability. Ensuring the safety of the raw materials is paramount to us, which is why all raw materials undergo multi-stage testing after delivery in Germany. Our service includes analyses of our raw materials in terms of contamination with heavy metals or pesticides.

The first part of our quality management takes place in our GMP and IFS-certified laboratories. In the second part of the raw materials test,the independent laboratory group AGROLAB carries out a residue analysis and tests our raw materials for heavy metals, pesticides and microbiology as well as for radioactivity and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The entire analysis includes more than 250 parameters.

Extensive controls at our company ensure compliance with our high quality standards:

  • Verification of raw material certificates and analyses before purchasing and production
  • Control of our raw materials through tests in accredited laboratories
  • Monitoring of hygiene standards
  • Monitoring of the production process
  • Control of the final product

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