Product development

We support you in all stages of product development and optimisation, including from a regulatory point of view: From selecting the active ingredients, creating the formulations and developing the optimal composition to producing development batches including process validation.

Product Development Pharma & Supplements

In the Hawlik Group, the development of drugs from high-quality plant extracts and plant substances is carried out according to internationally recognised standards (ICH guidelines) and is supervised by our experts throughout the entire process.  For our customers, we develop phytopharmaceuticals such as THMPs, WEUs and homeopathic remedies according to our specialisation.

The Hawlik Group’s demand for high GMP quality applies not only to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, but also to the manufacture of dietary supplements. Development and production always take place under EU-GMP and globally recognised quality standards. The market for dietary supplements has grown steadily in recent years and is playing an increasingly important role for many health-conscious consumers. Almost all customer groups, whether athletes or the elderly, are increasingly buying preparations with vitamins, minerals or other nutrients and active ingredients to promote their well-being or compensate for nutrient deficiencies. But only products of the highest quality and perfect composition are suitable for this purpose.

The Hawlik Group’s range of possible products covers the entire spectrum of dietary supplements demanded by the market. From large-scale production for the discount market to small and medium-sized batches for the pharmacy market, Internet distribution and health food shops – our product development for you starts from small purchase quantities. Together, we develop a product that meets your needs and plan an individual concept from quality control, upscaling and production to packaging.

In the first step, the design of your product is chosen and the suitable galenic formulations are discussed. Which dosage form is most suitable for your product is usually determined by the raw materials used and the dosage required. We manufacture tablets, capsules and liquids for you in almost any quantity as finished products. A stock of  around 1500 raw materials enables us to manufacture small and large order quantities with a manageable lead time. Following this, we will be pleased to advise you with regard to packaging.



Product development

Dosage forms and packaging

The Hawlik Group’s team of experts will be happy to advise you on possible dosage forms and the packaging of your product.


We identify preservation options, carry out upscaling and stability testing procedures and advise you on the choice of primary packaging.

Capsules, tablets:

Our experts will provide information on which size, type and colour is suitable for your capsules and tablets. You will also receive detailed advice on suitable powder technology.


The Hawlik Group’s team of experts will be happy to advise you on possible dosage forms and the packaging of your product.  We identify ways to stabilise a preparation by selecting the appropriate ingredients, processing methods such as filtration, and primary packaging. We are also happy to conduct stability tests for you.

As part of the capsule development process, our experts provide information on capsule size, capsule type (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, hard gelatine capsule) and colour options. As part of developing tablets, we would be pleased to advise you with regard to tablet size and tablet shape. We can offer you the most diverse forms of packaging with our range of blister packs, bottles and containers. On request, you will receive information about our blister pack tools and special types of film.

Our workflow begins with your idea

If you already have ideas about formulations and substance combinations, prefer a certain form of application or have ideas for packaging or a marketing concept, please contact us. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Product development